Inheritance Tax Planning

The tax implications of transferring assets to the next generation is a subject that should be considered, having worked all your life to accumulate wealth, how can you ensure that this wealth gets passed to the next generation in the most tax efficient manner?

Could your portfolio of assets be significantly eroded by Capital Gains and Capital Acquisitions Tax?

We can provide you with independent advice helping you to put plans in place to ensure the tax efficient transfer of your assets during or after your lifetime.

Inheritance Tax Thresholds 2020/2021

Group A: €335,000 

  • child (including an adopted child, stepchild, and certain foster children)OR
  • minor child of a deceased child of the disponer (donor).

Group B: €32,500 

  • brother or sister
  • nephew or niece
  • lineal ancestor or lineal descendant of the disponer (e.g., grandchild)

Group C: €16,250

  • This applies in all other cases. This includes cousins, great-nephews/ great-nieces, and non-relatives.