Steeples Financial Retirement Process

Together we’ll work with you to design your ideal retirement with a focus on creating stability and security as you transition toward financial independence. Throughout the process, we’ll review your retirement plan, making sure it can weather the elements and stand strong over time.


Gather Information

Are you nearing retirement and looking for income stability? Or could you use a sounding board to bounce around a few ideas with? We can’t begin building a house until we have the specs. Tell us a bit about yourself and your reason for seeking our financial planning guidance. Whatever it is you need in 1, 5, 10+ years, we can guide the rest of our process to best accommodate you and your goals.


Develop Goals

You have short and long-term goals, even if you haven’t yet identified them. We’ll take the time to talk through your current needs and future wants as we develop goals to guide the financial planning process.


Plan Design

Using your time frame to retirement, unique goals and future income needs, we’ll develop a financial plan. In taking a holistic approach to your plan, we’ll connect all your information and develop a cohesive financial plan that’s built just for you.



We’ll present to you a financial plan built using comprehensive strategies and solutions. We’ll work with you to answer any questions you may have, adjust strategies as needed and move forward with the next actionable steps.



Once your financial plan has been implented, you can relax with a bottle of wine, and We’ll stand by to be sure you and your finances are well-protected against the elements now and through retirement.



We’ll meet regularly to review and adjust your plan as needed. As you change careers, grow your family or shift priorities, your financial plan should follow suit. Regularly evaluating and adjusting your plan helps us ensure you and your finances are still on track to meet your short and long-term goals.


Ongoing Maintenance & Review

Finding financial freedom is an ongoing process, not a set of products or services. To best meet your needs now and through retirement, we’ll continuously review, monitor and rebalance your portfolio as needed.